The story only you can tell deserves an equally unique treatment, and that’s what we deliver. With our custom book design services and exceptional publishing support, we are your book’s best friend.

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Do you want to publish a book but don’t know where to start? Learn how we support you throughout the publishing process to produce a professionally designed book you will be proud to put out into the world.

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Choose Clarity Designworks as your partner in publishing and book production.

Book Design with Purpose

We start with your readers in mind. They are the reason for your book, right? So our process begins by understanding who and where they are.
Your target audience will drive decisions about format, design, editing, printing, distribution and marketing of your book. We can help with any or all of these critical steps!
Book Design

Deliver with Passion

You've likely poured incredible time and energy into your manuscript; now it's our turn! We'll match that passion and give your book a unique, eye-catching treatment.
We’ve produced everything from business and academic books to fiction, travel, memoirs, and how-to books… the list goes on, so bring on your ideas!

Sweat the Details

A stunning cover + engaging interior + error-free text + quality printing and ebook formatting = your awesome book produced by Clarity Designworks.
Meticulous is our middle name, and professional grade is our game. It's the only way we know how to play and we play to win, so join the team!
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Rock and Roll

With Clarity, you are in control. You choose the services you need, you are the publisher, and you retain all rights to your book.
Of course, we're with you every step of the way to answer questions, offer the voice of experience and work hand in hand to create the book of your dreams.

Discover the clear advantage

Professional grade book design, hassle-free, personal attention – what are you waiting for?

Create Your Book with clarity

Clarity Designworks is your one-stop shop for book design and production. Choose the complete package or only the services you need. Either way, our outstanding project management and friendly service are always included.

Book Cover design

A book cover makes a promise to the reader about what’s inside. Done right, it tells the story in the simplest way possible and turns that split-second buying decision into a sale instead of a fail.

Book Interior design

A well-designed interior engages the reader and lends credibility to the story. Our exacting page layouts are hand-crafted to adhere to recognized typesetting standards for a seamless reading experience.

editorial Services

If you want your book to truly shine, professional editing and proofreading are critically important. Depending on the subject matter of your book, indexing may be a valuable addition.

printing Services

We will help you make sense of the myriad printing options available these days and identify those best suited to your publishing objectives. We can be as involved in the printing process as you want us to be.

ebook Formatting

To ensure excellent display quality, our ebooks are much more than simple file conversions. They are hand-coded from scratch with close attention to the varying requirements of each device.

Book marketing

Promoting your book is pivotal to its success and also a challenging task. We’ll connect you with seasoned pros who know how to generate buzz, get reviews, leverage social media and more.

What our clients say:

Carla did a fantastic job with my interior design and was receptive to my ideas and has a lot of patience. She will be very honest and straightforward in terms of whether deadlines can be met without sacrificing quality work. Highly recommended!
Colin Zhu, D.O.
“Thrive Medicine”

I had a book in me – and Carla took the words on the page and made them into the Amazon best-seller. Truly, she took my ideas on the cover and made them come to life. The interior layout was fantastic, including her creativity in my “30 days” at the back of the book. She was quick and timely and had things completed as promised. I highly recommend Carla and will use her again on my next book.

Dare to Be You, Cathy Alessandra

Cathy Alessandra
“Dare to Be You”

Carla is efficient, quick and easy to work with. She’s also creative, thorough and very professional. Carla delivered beyond my expectations, so I have been very happy with each of her designs. She’s top-notch!
Shanyn Kurashige
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