Carla is efficient, quick and easy to work with. She’s also creative, thorough and very professional. Carla delivered beyond my expectations, so I have been very happy with each of her designs. She’s top-notch!

Shanyn Kurashige, doTERRA Essential Oils

Carla made everything about this seemingly overwhelming process 100% doable. She created a timeline, masterfully laid out the book, and helped me with the publishing process. I now have more than a book. I have a book I am proud to share with the world. If writing a book is on your bucket list, I highly recommend you contact Carla to help you with your vision.

Kim Girard, “Rock Freshman Year”

Carla is a true professional. She was very patient and worked closely with me to get the end result out of my head and into an excellent quality product.

V. Wakefield, “Mossy River Gazette”

Carla is thorough and consistent and always timely. It is a rare find to be able to rely on someone and not worry if the deadline will be met. Her design instincts are on target and her files are impeccable.

Michelle Qualley, Q Design

Really Good Job, Highly Recommended, Patient, Detailed, Professionally done.

Pavel Kovalkov, JNBK Corp.

I am completely blown away by Carla’s creativity and professionalism. My simple booklet was in need of a ‘spiff-up’ and it was turned around to look like something you’d normally pay 50K for.

Adiel Lejbovitz, “Bayswater Directory”

Carla is a very impressive designer. I was so happy with her professionalism, creativity, punctuality, and great quality work. I would recommend Carla to everybody.

James McWhinney, “The Wellbeing Revolution”

Carla took what was a real frankenstein assembly of text, diagrams, charts and more…from a variety of inconsistent sources…and not only made sense of it all—a hurdle in itself—but made it look great! We were also pressed for time, and she enabled us to make the deadline.

Harvard Apparatus

Carla has expertly shepherded to successful completion a number of book design projects for us. We give her our more complex, graphics-rich book projects, and she produces spectacular results every time.

Kent Sorsky, Linden Publishing

Carla is one of the best and most professional designers I have ever worked with. She was very responsive, supportive and attentive to my vision. The book exceeded my expectations because of Carla’s creativity, yet careful attention to details.

Barbara Rogoski, “Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker’s Guide”